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Version: 1.0, requires Writemonkey or higher

Release date: September 8th 2014

Author: Josip

Scratch pad plugin integrates seamlessly into the wm's "scratch mode" and offers you National velocity / Resoph notes like friction-free notes creation.

Unzip the "Scratch pad" directory into the plugins directory.

This plugin is initialized at startup.




## Storage

Individual Scratch pads are saved in .wmsp files. Those files are actually SQLite database files. You can open Scratch pad file the same way as any ordinary text file. Writemonkey will know the difference. Create new Scratch pad using Options menu found at the bottom left corner of the plugin window.

## Tagging

Start first line of the text with a comment mark followed by the individual tags. Multiple consecutive lines are allowed.

// tag1 tag2
// tag3, tag4

Some text ...

## Filtering

Filter box string is tokenized on spaces. The list will show items that match all the criteria (Conjunction operator is AND).

Filtering is case insensitive.

## Full text search

Marry is late

Finds a matching item if all three terms exist in *text* or *tags* field. It will find "Marry is late" in text, but also "Marry is not pregnant" in text and "late" in tags.

## Tag filtering

To restrict filtering on tags, use the hash symbol before the tag word.

#tag1 #tag2
fulltext #tag

## Special Commands

Special commands are used the same way as tags. Just enter the command into the filter box.

/repo - show repository items
/del - show deleted items
/today - show items touched today
/week - show items touched this week

You can combine tags and commands:

/today tag1 full text
tag2 tag3 /repo

## Some other stuff

Use tag "repo" to mark item as archived (send to repository).

In "file mode", hit CTRL+N to activate scratch pad. The plugin window will pop up automatically. In "scratch mode" the same command will create new empty note.

Open any ordinary text file to exit.

CTRL+S will update the opened text in database. This is optional as plugin will auto save data when necessary.

You can always hit CTRL+SHIFT+S and save note as a file.

Right click filter box (or hit Enter) to insert tags and commands via menu. The list will show 20 (change this in settings) most frequent tags you used. If selected tag/command already exists in filter string, it will be removed.




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