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... I’ve written the last 300 thousand words worth of stories in WriteMonkey, saving to plain .txt format, and I don’t regret it for a second. (Doyce Testerman)

In the meantime, WriteMonkey is a gift unmatched by any markdown text editor I've ever had for my Mac. That is all. (Eamonn Brennan)

... Writemonkey for writing, in my view the greatest piece of writing software that exists. It's actually one of the few programs that has kept me using windows ... (savramescu)

... I bought a key a long time ago. Best money I ever spent. I use WM for everything from markdown, to research. It has even replaced vim for most of my daily tasks. Welcome to the chocolate factory ... (Leslie S. Russell)

... As Writeroom is only for Mac, developers began to make similar software for Windows. In fact, Writemonkey is too good to be called a clone. In several respects, it is as good as or even better than Writeroom. This is a rare case where a Windows software that was inspired by Mac software turns out to be better than its original ... (bookwritingsoftwarereviews.com)

... Writemonkey beats most so-called distraction free software with its ever-expanding features and stable performance. Some people say that the only reason they stay with Windows is Writemonkey. I agree with them. (Sunny Lee)

... I'm halfway through writing my novel with writemonkey, it's one of the most elegant programs (of any kind) I've ever used ... (Noah Grey)

... I honestly wouldn't have finished Touch without Writemonkey and if it disappeared from the face of the planet I would have to spend a couple of years writing my own version. It would be my number one desert island software choice over everything else on my computer. I can't recommend it enough so why not try it since it is free? ... (Mark Stevens)

... I love WriteMonkey. I use it all the time. I've just written a book on it, which will be published this year. I now think I have three arms - my left arm, my right arm, and my WriteMonkey arm. I'm not sure which I'd surrender if I had to lose one ... (Christopher Webb)

... I LOVE YOU writemonkey. You are the reason for my numerous successful National Novel Writing Months. You free me from the clutches of facebook, MSN, and other evil distractions ... (Mykal M Bailey)

... WriteMonkey for the PC is still the greatest writing platform I've yet to experience. It just works exactly how it ought to ... (Enembee)

... Just the right balance of features for my purposes. For me that mean keeping the focus on writing and editing; buzzing around quickly within a document; being able to write note scraps on the fly without leaving the mindset of what I'm doing; a calm, uncluttered interface etc. Everything else I'll leave to the production-oriented software - but that is another stage and another mindset entirely. Like the difference between writing a song with an acoustic guitar, a pen and paper and a voice recorder versus going into a full-blown production studio ... (Jeremy Halpin)

... Until I found WriteMonkey I wrote exclusively with pen and paper because like so many others I found modern word processors distracting, even insincere. ... At the risk of sounding ludicrously corny, WriteMonkey has set my passion for writing free. I now look forward to sitting down to write rather than loathing the the physical work of pen writing or the incessant distractions of the computer ... (John Lunzer)

... This piece of code just keeps getting better and better.  All the other text editors are so far back that you can't even see who's in second place ... (Seth Williamson)

... There are few editors that have made me want to write. This is one ... (dwimordene.net)

... Am considering switching to Mac, but if I can't run WM effectively, I won't do it. That's how much WM matters to my productivity! (Chris Lott)

... More than one person I know said they helped get them past a case of writer’s block. Terrific app! First class piece of work ... (Votre)

... I came across this text editor just two hours ago and have not stopped smiling since. It is so wonderfully clever, funny, well made, well designed, funny, quirky, helpful, powerful and weird at the same time ... (Matthijs Mourits)

... Honestly, I love this program. In the same way night is much more free of senses to overload on than the day, Writemonkey is like that for the computer. It's virtual night ... (Casualhero)

... I know I'm sounding like a salesman right now, but I really think this tool is marvellous. For me, it really enhances and easens up the experience of writing as there is only the text to focus on. Give it a try -- I'm sure you'll come to like it too ... (Snugglie)

... The thing that sets WriteMonkey apart from the others, aside from its ingenious implementation and rich raft of features, is that it has a setting that attaches a sound to each keypress, so that, for example, using it can sound like you're typing on an old typewriter ... (devinjay)

As a programmer I'm pretty particular when it comes to text editors, and although not ideal for editing code, WriteMonkey get's my seal of approval for being great at what it promises: "a full screen distraction free" writing experience. WriteMonkey is a word processor with an extremely stripped down user interface, leaving you alone with your words, thoughts, and a blinking cursor. (Stephen Wright)

... To say I love this program doesn't quite cover it. We've moved in together. We're almost engaged ... (Joel Inwood)

... My savior comes in the form of WriteMonkey, a free text editor for people of my persuasion. It strips away all the distractions of normal programs and leaves me staring at a pitch black screen - empty of words but filled with potential. Cut off from all of my normal electronic escape routes, I have to write. It's almost a little cozy ... (Henrik Holen)

It's the most enjoyable writing experience after pen and paper and definitely the best one in a computer ... (Daniel Serrano)

... I've been using writemonkey for a few weeks now and I think it has genuinely helped keep me more focused and productive while I work ... (Chris Grieves)

I've been looking for something similar to WriteRoom for my PC at work. After downloading Q10, Dark Room, jDark Room, West Edit, etc. I've got to say that I think WriteMonkey is the best. I've bumped up the bottom-margin to give that "typewriter scrolling" effect. But with the triggers it's like a simpler TextMate. Thanks for writing it and making it free! (Max Mitchell)

By far the best write application I've used yet ... it's stunningly perfect. (John Sgerhammar)

... WM's beauty is how local it is. Because it hides everything else, you aren't distracted by webpage and app shortcuts, desktop graphics, clocks, menus, and so on. It's just you and your writing. It's cozy. It's like writing in a café used to be. It's one of those rare times when you can use your PC without having to be wired to the rest of the world ... (Ander F.)

... Near perfection with simplicity and clever tricks: thats the way of the monkey! ... (Gilles Villeneuve)

... It seems funny to me that something so simple can cause a stir in how I feel about writing. Up to this point, I couldn’t identify what it was that repelled me from writing on my computer. Somehow the basic needs taken care of by this program have thrown it into sharp relief ... (Ben Going)

... there is a fantastic writer for windows called WriteMonkey. WriteMonkey is a Windows-only download, but had some features that blow most of these programs out of the water ... (Dr P Fenderson)

... I have been using WriteMonkey for quite some time now, probably a little over a year. I have used it for most of my writing needs, from physics lab reports to scripts of my short films. The subtle changes that you have been implementing over time are excellent and add to what was already an almost perfect environment to write ... (Daniel Jimenez)

... WriteMonkey is the new king of full-screen distraction free text editing ... So, for now, WriteMonkey is the best option I have found for distraction-free, full-screen text editing. It has more features than either Q10 or Darkroom (or others for that matter) and gets the job done better than either ... (Bill Weaver)

... Being a poet, this software fascinates me ... I am going to use Writemonkey for all my upcoming poetry books and I will mention your software with url in my books because it is a great software ... (Sunny Kapoor)

WriteMonkey is quirky and cool. I just spent 10min typing absolute gibberish just to hear the typewriter sounds! Its software with 'personality', I can easily imagine it being on the Mac ... (MrCrispy)

... everybody in my writer's group (including the techno-weenies) loves it for getting a raw first draft out of their head and onto the page. After that it's MS Word all the way ... There are several "competing" products that use a similar interface. I've tried a few of them as well, but IMHO WriteMonkey found the ideal balance between features and function. Especially thoughtful is how it allows you to access all its features by either using hot keys or a right-click popup menu. This is the app I wish I wrote ...(40Hz)

It's beautiful ... I haven't written anything "creative" in years, so likely have no use for it but were I to find myself writing again I think it'd be in that program ... (Allen)

... The last one [Writemonkey] is probably one of the greatest programs I have ever seen! ... (RJG)

... After shopping many distraction-free writing environments I stumbled upon yours. I'm so glad I did! I love the repository feature, and the fact that I can use either full screen or window view. WriteMonkey is exactly what I was looking for ... (Adriane L. Criderman)

... First of all, thanks for taking your time writing this great piece of software! I've been looking for a Windows equivalent of Writeroom for OSX for a long time. Writemonkey is by far the best alternative I've come across. It's true to it's promise; simple, intuitive, and clutter-free. And it works flawlessly. This kind of distraction-free writing environment is just what I need for taking notes in college, where staying focused is paramount. I wouldn't mind using it at work either. (I work part-time as a journalist.) ... (Mats Bleikelia)

... Congratulation for your fantastic software WRITEMONKEY! It's a very good & cool job. I use your software everyday ... This kind of software is popular and you have a good chance to make THE "full screen writing software" ... (Sophie Monde)

...I tried WM and I love the way that repository mode was conceived and executed. I like that it is embedded in the same txt file; the invert colors feature is a nice touch as well ... (Paulo Brabo)

... I took a look at Writemonkey and it also seems to be very good - similar to both Darkroom and Q10. I like the splash screen with quotes and the available preferences (the 'try luck' option is good too) .. (Brian Darvell)

... I just installed this. Fu**ing love it. Thanks ... (chaoflux)

... Hello, I like the program after playing with it for 5 mins, thankyou ... By the way the different coloured paragraghs in Jumpbar are lovely :) ... (Ben)