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You need a donor key to run plugins!

via PayPal* >

* You can donate with your PayPal account OR with your credit card. You don't need a PayPal account to donate, a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) will do. All old keys are valid. Along with premium features, you are also supporting an independent software developer and future updates.

Donors will receive a key (via e-mail) which will enable personalized name tag in splash screen (WRITER: YOUR NAME HERE) and access to many plugins that are available as separate download.


Currently available plugins:


PREVIEW (NEW) - Offers live preview and template picker for your markdown, textile or wiki texts. Needs wm or higher!

EASY JUMPS (UPDATED: September 8th 2014) - Lightweight substitution for regular Jumps window with live updating

SCRATCH PAD (NEW, OUT OF BETA) - Scratch pad plugin integrates seamlessly into the wm's "scratch mode" and offers you National velocity / Resoph notes like friction-free notes creation. Needs wm 2.7 or higher!

MAP JUMP - Get zoomed out version of the text and then easily jump back to desired location

CLANDESTINE FILES (NEW) - Save and open password protected files using powerful AES-256 encryption. Needs wm 2.7 or higher!

NORMSEITEN - Calculate exact number of standard lines and pages for a given text

REPO COLOR (TEMPORARILY REMOVED) - Brings back "reverse colors in repository" feature which was removed from wm version 2.5

CORKBOARDS (UPDATED: September 8th 2014) - Use "post it" style boxes to store snippets of text, images or links

AUTO INDENT (UPDATED March 12th 2014) - On enter (new line) match the indentation of the previous line

SENTENCE HIGHLIGHTER - Live sentence / paragraph tracker with customizable highlighting

PARAGRAPH BLINDS - Similar to Sentence highlighter, but reversed - it will dim everything but current sentence, paragraph or heading section

QUICK SEARCH - Find text quickly and navigate hits

POMODORO TIMER - Show timer and completed pomodoros with words written for each of them

CLIPBOARD PICKER - Keep clipboard history and allow text snippets to be accessed later

BIG HUGE THESAURUS - Show synonym list for a selected word / phrase

WORD WRAP (UPDATED: June 7th 2014) - Hard break text at predefined column position and put result to clipboard

BLOCK COMMENT - Add or remove comment string "//" from the paragraphs of selected text

LOREM IPSUM - Generate lorem ipsum dummy text

NAMELY - Generate random names using huge database of real names

ROUNDED MONKEY - Show borderless window with rounded corners

SMARTY PANTS - Replace straight quotes with curly ones, -- to en dash etc.


If you are a developer and you want to build your own plugin, here is the Quick API reference >. For more info ask here >.


It is important that you only use plugins downloaded from this site or those you wrote yourself. Plugins from third-party sources can contain malicious code!