last change: January 22nd 2023



Writemonkey 3.3.0 is available for download.

Get your copy from writemonkey.com:


Latest version

- WINDOWS 32bit: Writemonkey3-windows-32bit-v3-3-0-jan2023.zip
- WINDOWS 64bit: Writemonkey3-windows-64bit-v3-3-0-jan2023.zip
- OSX: Writemonkey3-OSX-v3-3-0-jan2023.zip
- LINUX 32bit: Writemonkey3-linux-32bit-v3-3-0-jan2023.zip
- LINUX 64bit: Writemonkey3-linux-64bit-v3-3-0-jan2023.zip


Previous version

- WINDOWS 32bit: Writemonkey3-windows-32bit-v3-2-0-apr2020.zip
- WINDOWS 64bit: Writemonkey3-windows-64bit-v3-2-0-apr2020.zip
- OSX: Writemonkey3-OSX-v3-2-0-apr2020.zip
- LINUX 32bit: Writemonkey3-linux-32bit-v3-2-0-apr2020.zip
- LINUX 64bit: Writemonkey3-linux-64bit-v3-2-0-apr2020.zip


Donate for WM version 3 via PayPal to unlock plugins
(All available plugins are currently bundled with main download.)
Make sure that your Paypal email address is valid or provide different one!

Donate via link above if you are donating for version 3. For version 2 donate from the main page!



July 15 2023: New version of AI-helper (ChatGPT) plugin for WM3 is available. What’s new: continue from previous conversations, copy whole conversations, work with clipboard, support for proxy servers … Works with GPT-4 model.

Download from:



Documentation / help is available here:


For bug reports and feature suggestions please use:



Writemonkey 3 is a new incarnation of the original Windows only application that has been around since 2006. 10 years old and still kicking. It is quite possible that WM was the first text editor for writers with full markdown support. It was also among first distraction free editors out there. Writemonkey 2 will still be available for download, but won't be developed any further.

WM3 is available for all three major OS platforms - Windows, OSX and Linux and this is something that couldn't be done with the old code base. Also, hi-res displays are becoming popular and WM2, without unreasonable makeover, just isn't ready for that.

Although different WM3 still serves the same purpose. It is:

- minimal yet powerful,
- plain text only,
- minimal interface,
- distraction free,
- keyboard friendly and
- markdown enabled

text editor for writers. Although it has some organizational and publishing capabilities it's primary function is to provide simple, engaging, hopefully even lovable writing environment.




Currently (January 2023) there is no special installation procedure available. All you have to do is download a zip file for your OS and unzip it's content somewhere on your disk. To run wm3:

- on Windows run `writemonkey3/nw.exe` file
- on OSX run `writemonkey3/Writemonkey.app` file
- on Linux run `writemonkey3/nw` file

Icon files are included but you must (on Windows) create a shortcut to nw.exe and then assign the included `.ico` file to it.

If you are having problems running WM3 on OSX, please see: Installation on Apple OSX

Upgrade from previous version

To upgrade from previous version (like from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0) replace all Writemonkey files and folders with new ones. Your documents are stored in different location so they are safe. But you must manually restore, from previously made backup, all new files and changes that you made to the wm folder since you first installed wm - plugins, themes, dictionaries, settings ...

You can, alternatively, install new version into some other folder. That way both versions will work, but with the same database files. Be careful with that!


- Detect and kill bugs
- Evaluate existing features
- Find out which (currently missing) features are indispensable and which are not that important
- Acquire general feedback about usability and look&feel of new incarnation


Writemonkey 3 is a freemium software. It is free to download and use on as many machines as needed. There are, though, some goodies, namely plugins, that are only available to donors. Donors are those who supported the project (via PayPal) with any amount. Your donation goes straight to the developer that keeps this project alive. Thanks!

To donate for Writemonkey 3 follow the ling below. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and payment is possible even without PayPal membership.

Donate for WM version 3 via PayPal to unlock plugins
(All available plugins are currently bundled with main download.)

Since WM3 is a complete rewrite, donor keys that were provided for WM2 are not valid for WM3.