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Version: 1.2, requires Writemonkey or higher

Release date: November 8th 2014
Author: Josip

Offers live preview and template picker for your markdown, textile or wiki texts.

Unzip the "Preview" directory into the plugins directory.

This plugin is initialized at start-up. Use ALT+Y to toggle visibility.

How it works:
Preview plugin parses your Markdown texts in real time and shows you formatted (html) version of your document.

Preview window will update every time you hit Enter or save (ctrl+s) your document.

There are two view modes: the default uses current writemonkey color scheme - everything renders in dimmed color. If you prefer text color instead, change this in *_config.incl* file. Double click the edge of the preview window to switch to the normal view - you'll get colors defined in the template, usually normal black on white. Normal view also shows scroll bars so you can navigate preview window independently.

You can access Print menu (and some other options) by right clicking the preview window. Always print from normal view, otherwise wm scheme will be used.

Use CTRL + Mouse Wheel or CTRL + plus or minus key to adjust zoom factor. This will be remembered till the end of current wm session, but preview will always start with 100% zoom.

Change template by clicking current name at the bottom of the preview window. The menu gives you all installed templates. You can also show/hide comments or heading numbers from the same menu.

Preview plugin uses the same setting as regular writemonkey export tools, for example - changing template in preview will affect regular export tools and vice versa.

TIP: If you are using two monitors, drag preview window on your secondary monitor and leave it there always opened.




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