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Version: 1.0, requires Writemonkey or higher

Release date: March 12th 2014

Author: Josip

The plugin provides the "map view" option. You can see zoomed out version of the text and then easily jump back to desired location. Experimentally plugin also adds an option to insert large ACSIIfied text that is readable in map view. You can use it to visually split up different sections of text with big ascii art letters. A bookmark can be automatically attached to it (see options at the top of the plugin file). Thanks to <http://artii.herokuapp.com>!

Unzip the "Map jump" directory into the plugins directory.

This plugin is initialized at startup. Use ctrl+5 or double click left or right of the text to enter map view. Use ctrl+5 again or double click anywhere in the text to jump & exit map view.


This plugin needs internet connection and mono spaced font (like Courier New, Consolas ...) to work properly (ASCIIfied text).

Use ctrl+6 to change current line or selection to ASCII text. Use "some text/2" to convert it with a different font (0-9). See plugin file for available font options and http://www.figlet.org/examples.html for complete list of fonts.

See other settings at the top of the plugin js file.




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